MSN Chat with Phil - May 13th, 2002

augwest55555 asks: Hi Phil! I plan on attending the July 20 show in Camden and I was wondering if I could look forward to any interaction between PLQ & RH or Billy?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Anything is possible. And probably will happen.

SilverMonica asks: Who are some of the people you been compared to?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I'm sure I wouldn't know. I'm sure none of it is complimentary.

notoriousxKIMx asks: Phil, what can we look for in your upcoming tour?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Lots and lots of really electrifying music.
DishDiva says: Any hints you can tell the fans in here?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I really try to mix it up as much as I can. And I don't plan too far ahead.

BigWallyMoon asks: In 1989 at The Met in Bloomington, MN Spring Tour, I saw you come out for the second set, realize you had forgotten your bass and go back to get it. What was up with that?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: (laughs) I probably expected it to be out on stage like it normally is. But I forget I had been tuning it back stage.

Steffie603 asks: What kind of music are you listening to?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I'm listening to old Church music from the 16th and 17th century. A lot of electronica and jazz music.

jerrysknees asks: Will Candace be doing lights for your summer tour?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Yes, as far as I know.

elijah_band asks: Phil, Much like music, art is personal form of expression. If you were to be affiliated with an artist (a painter, sculture etc) who would it be and why?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: That would be Jackson Pollock, his painting describe a web of thought, that's what I like to describe in music.

CuteApril4Life asks: Do you have any say so in the cities in which you preform and tour?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: It's a collaborative process.

as asks: Can you talk about your relationship w/Alembic guitars and the development of active electronics for the bass? I understand that yours was one of the first
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Yeah, as far as I know. It might have been the first base with active electronics in it. That was something that I felt needed to be happening. It didn't seem there was enough control of the tone in the instruments I was playing.

Babyee2 asks: I love art and painting too do paint or draw?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: No. I'm a total ham-handed klutz.

as asks: Phil: when did you switch to the six string, and why? Do you ever play the 4 string anymore?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: There's just more notes on the 6 string and they're easier to get to. It has a extreme low register that I like. It's tuned in fourths, so everything is just right under your fingers.

bernman420 asks: Who would you list as your biggest influences as a bass player?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I would say Bach.

Playitleo2 asks: Hey Phil, I just first want to say im a huge phan. next, over all the years, who has it been most fun playing with aside from the dead?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I haven't played that much with other bands. Usually it's who I'm playing with at the moment that is the most fun. It's all really good fun.

jazdrive333 asks: Phil, thanks a million for pulling this band together. It's amazing to see how Warren has grown in the last year or so. Are you planning to let him take the lead more?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I like the lead to trade around.

YoungMuleBlues asks: Do you tape all of your shows? If so, what type of recording tool do you use?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Just a DAT recorder.

Cosmostu asks: Mr Lesh, I first want to thank you for taking the magic further. Your band is awesome ! ! ! When do you think you might come back to Cornell for a show? Its been since you toured w Dylan. and also, when will we hear Jimmy sing?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: (laughs) I don't know when we're coming back to Cornell. It's a great place to play. Hopefully we'll be able to get to Cornell at some point. Jimmy will sing when I light a fire under him. (laughs) He's notoriously reluctant.

YoungMuleBlues asks: Thanks for the time Phil! We all appreciate it GeminiJewel_3
asks: Phil were do u like to peform the most ?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I think outdoors is my favorite, with no walls so the sound doesn't bounce back. So places like Red Rocks, the Pyramids, and Central Park.

badbadbad asks: Hi Phil. Is there a moment in time that describes the epitome of the Grateful Dead for you?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I would say definitely any time within the first 10 years, any performance within the first 10 years.

Playitleo2 asks: i bet the pyramids must have been incredible to play at

b2klova4eva asks: Phil, when did you know you wanted music as your career?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: When I was 4 years old, I knew I wanted it, I wanted music. I didn't really know what it was, it just sounded like God on a good day. I guess I was about 14 when I decided to do it.

OnlyVisitingThisPlanet asks: Thank you for all the great years of music Mr. Lesh. In Mickey's book, Sprit into Sound, you are quoted as saying "Everywhere we play is church". Do you feel that way with your new band?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I feel that can happen everywhere that music is playing us. Where our group mind is opening up a pipe line to that cosmic music and when we can tap that and let it pass through us, that's church.

spreece asks: Phil, what do you have in store for the Gathering of the Vibes? Any surprises that we can expect?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: If I told ya, it wouldn't be a surprise.

taperrob asks: With all the touring coming up, how are you feeling health wise?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I'm feeling great. I'll never be tan, but I'm rested and ready.

nater64 asks: I agree the first ten years were the best!!
JbOogz_ONLY_wIfEy asks: Hi Phil, how many instrumnets do you play?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I don't really play anything, but I fool around with guitar, keyboard and bass.

uneasylistening asks: Phil Lesh!  I love you so much! I"m going to your concert on the 25 at the Greek Theatre.  I was wondering what your views are on the music of today?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Well of course that depends on the music you're talking about. The music on the radio doesn't appeal to me. I know my kids like it. Some sound exciting to me, but on the whole, it's pretty boring to listen to. So I'm hoping for changes to come and more interesting music on the radio and in the world.

ScorpionEJV asks: Hey Phil, what was the most moving performance you ever played in?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I'm really lucky that there's been more than one like that so I really can't pick one out. I'm sorry.

tunajon1 asks: Are you a bluegrass fan?  What artists?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I haven't heard a lot of the new Bluegrass, but I heard The Yonder Mountain String Band.

Lilfizzswife2be asks: Hi Phil, what do you do when you just want to relax?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I usually go to my kids baseball game.
DishDiva says: That you can tell us about.  
Phil_Lesh_Live says: (laughs)
DishDiva says: How's the team doing?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: They have their ups and downs.

Latonya22 asks: What do you do before a performance to prepare yourself for the performance?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I breathe deeply and think pure thoughts.

tunajon1 asks: What position did you play with the dead's softball team, phil?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: (laughs!) Let's see, how can I describe this?... Bench warmer.  

PeterParker556 asks: Phil, I was very pleased to see that you will be playing the Fox Theatre in St Louis on Aug 1 (Jerry's 60th Birthday).  Do you have any special memories from playing there before?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I remember the Fox Theater being a really REALLY beautiful place to play. The sound, atmosphere, and design. Besides that I remember the wild fans in St. Louis.

DaFinestChic4Life asks: Phil what is the best thing about performing?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: It's being in the moment, so only the now really matters.

eleni_98 asks: You have been blessed with an amazing life, Phil. Do you have a quote to live by?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: To thine own self be true, thou cannot then be false to anyone.

Cosmostu asks: What are your thoughts on the music trading community. it seems like you are WAY more generous with the live SBD patches than other bands. Do you see this as a detractant to the artists success?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: It's just a thing that I want to be able to have out there. We try to put one out there from every tour on the internet. Now that I have a record deal, it won't be as easy. We're hoping to continue that, but there will just be fewer of them.

jerrysknees asks: Any plans to bust out "Clementine" this summer? Deer Creek would be a wonderful place to do it!
Phil_Lesh_Live says: That's an interesting thought, thank you for the idea.

BrokenArrow612 asks: Hey Phil, although into the dead for years, my roomate turned me onto your band this fall, we plan on seeing you at Jones Beach.  I just want to say thanks so much for all your music and good vibes.
Phil_Lesh_Live says: You're very welcome.

ElGatoFrio asks: Hi Phil. Are there any plans for future projects or performances with any of the other members of the Dead?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Anything is possible.

WendyGirl065 asks: Thank you for making my life wonderful!

SpankingAxis asks: What year was your first album released?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: We did a live album with Jorma and Peter Sears in 1999.

strangefolkin77 asks: Hello from the east coast, Phil! What's your favorite author/book?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Let's start with Shakespeare and then jump to Thomas Wolfe author of "Look Homeward Angel",  then jump to Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet and that's just 3 of thousands.

Dr_Vince asks: Do you think Rock music still has the same message now as it did in the past?
Phil_Lesh_Live says: I never knew what it was in the past. (laughs)

DishDiva says: Phil, thanks for joining us on MSN Live to talk with all your fans worldwide about your latest release "There & Back Again" releasing on May 21.
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Thanks for coming online with your questions and chatting with me. I hope to see you this summer!
DishDiva says: To learn more about Phil's upcoming summer tour, check out his official site at
DishDiva says: Phil, thanks!
DishDiva says: From all of your fans on MSN, we'll see you on tour this summer!
Phil_Lesh_Live says: Thank you all very much. You're very welcome.
DishDiva says: Thanks to Phil Lesh and Columbia Records. Thanks also to tonights hosts Joan, Mark, Trish, Budd and Mark.