One For Woody 9.21.00
Roseland Ballroom - NYC

Phil & Friends
Phil, Molo, Warren, Jimmy, Rob B
Jam> Darkstar V1>
Unbroken Chain>
I Know You Rider (all vox)
Black Peter (Phil vox- 1st)>
Dark Star V2>
The Wheel
Doin' That Rag (Rob vox- 1st)
Sunshine of Your Love
(Warren vox- 1st)

Allman Brothers
Trouble No More
Black Hearted Woman
Stand Back
Feel So Bad
w/ Little Milton (LM and Gregg vox)

Soulshine w/Little Milton
(Gregg, Warren and LM vox)
Dreams w/Chris and Rich Robinson
(Gregg and Chris vox)
Franklin's Tower w/ Phil
(O'teil and Phil vox)

Black Crowes
Hot Burrio #2
Kinky Reggae (Marley tune)
Boomer's Story
Shake Your Money Maker*
Oh Well*
*w/ Warren

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Warren, Matt & Friends
Warren/Matt/Johnny Neel/
Dave Schools/Danny Lewis

Lay Your Burden Down
Fallen Down
Low Spark
Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr/
Gordie Johnson/Neel/Lewis

Shine On You Crazy
Diamond (Gordie Vox)
Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr/Gordie
Wish You Were Here
(Oakley and all on vox)
Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr/
Gordie Johnson/Neel/Lewis

Cortez the Killer
Warren/Matt/Schools/Kevin Kinney/
Jimmy Herring/Darius Rucker/Edwin McCain?

Straight To Hell (Kevin Kinney vox)
When the Blues Come
Knockin (Warren/Milton vox)
Lovelight (Milton vox)
Chris Robinson/Barraco

GDTRFB (Warren/Chris/Phil vox)
Warren/Oakley/Harsch/Freed/Artemis Pyle
Simple Man
Warren/Matt/Robert Kearns/
Leslie West/Pyle on cowbell

Never in My Life (Leslie on vox)
Mississippi Queen (Leslie on vox)
Falzarano/Hook Herrera/McCain/Neel

I Shall Be Released
(Warren sings first verse/Neel tribute verse/
Kevin Kinney 1st verse/Mccain 3rd verse)