November 23, 2002
The Spectrum - PHIL-ly, PA

Set 1: Saturday Night>
*Cumberland Blues> Jam>
*Down the Road Again
Hell in a Bucket
(stop - technical problems)
+Friend Of the Devil> Jam>
*Here Comes Sunshine>
Jam> *Dancin' in the Streets

Thanks to TaperRob& Jendee for the list

Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart
Bill Kreutzmann, Bob Weir
Rob Barraco, Jeff Chimenti
Jimmy Herring






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Robert Hunter
played between sets

Set 2: Shakedown Street
Lazy Lightning>
^Drumz> Space>
Terrapin Station>
*Sugaree (ST)
E: Donor Rap "Rapped" into
Goin' Down the Road
Feelin' Bad>
And We Bid You Goodnight

^Phil playing Mickey's drums
*with Susan Tedeschi
+Bobby on acoustic