February 14, 2003
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Hell In A Bucket (c)
Lazy Lightning
(c)> Supplication (c)
Loose Lucy (sb)
Hard To Handle (bwo)
Casey Jones (bo)>
Cumberland Blues (bk)
Sugaree (bcw)

Core Band: Phil Lesh
Mickey Hart

Billy Kreutzmann
Bob Weir

Jimmy Herring

Happy Valentines Day!

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Robert Hunter opened - setlist

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Set 2: Jam (bc)>
Love Supreme (bc)>
Looks Like Rain (c)
Sitting On Top Of
The World (bk)>
Lucy In The Sky
With Diamonds (bcw)>
Born Cross-Eyed (bc)>
Help On The Way (b)>
Slipknot! (bcw)>
Lovelight (bcwok)>
Franklin's Tower (bcwok)
E: GDTRFB (bcw)>
Not Fade Away (bcwok)
Donor Rap

Key: b=Rob Barracco
c=Jeff Chimenti
w=Warren Haynes
s=Sammy Hagar
o=Joan Osborne
k=Michael Kang