Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Wantagh, NY
July 14, 2008

Set 1:
*Playin' In The Band> Jam>
*Bird Song
*When You're Walking Away
*The Wheel> Jam>
Mountains Of The Moon>
*Uncle John's Band
*Sugar Magnolia

*with Teresa Williams

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
John Molo (drums)
Jackie Greene (guitar, vocals)
Larry Campbell (guitar+)
Steve Molitz (keys)





Set 2: Jam>
China Cat Sunflower>
*Fire On The Mountain>
St. Stephen>
Molitz Jam>
The Eleven...
Unbroken Chain>
*Dark Star (v1)>
*Born Cross-Eyed>
Dark Star (v2)>
*I Know You Rider

Donor Rap/Intros
E: *Attics Of My Life>
*Playin' In The Band (reprise)

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