Mountain Aire 2000 DAT Structure


Source info:

Derek Trucks Band: Soundboard-->DAT

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade: Audio Technica 3041-->DA-P1

Phil and Friends (full audience source): Schoeps CMC64, FOB on stand ~7.5 ft high XY90, DFC-->Lunatec V2-->Graham-Patten ADC-20-->DA-P1

Phil and Friends (Partial Set II board source): Soundboard-->DAT-->CDR-->coax-->DAT

Thanks to Phil, Cutler, Todd M., Kurt R., Kevin B., Adam R.

Welcome to the Mountain Aire 2000 DAT Structure! 

The show requires 5 60 meter tapes or 3 60 meter tapes + 1 90 meter.  Please communicate your preference (if you have one) to your parent.  Parents will be able to accomodate either preference.

As always, please report any problems, i.e. non-responsive branches, to

We will take whatever corrective actions are necessary to ensure that everyone gets their copy.  But please, before contacting us, please give your parent time to respond, people have lives outside of tape trees, and sometimes circumstances unforeseen can get in the way.  Branches, please make an effort to keep your leaves in the loop if you will be slowed down for any reason.

There were only a small # of people from outside the States on this round, so we've just mixed them in with the rest of ya.

Many, many thanks to the very kind souls out there who have helped some of our stranded leaves out in past rounds.  You guys ROCK, man.

The Structure: 

Root -- Nigel Mouncey

              1 Allen Furbeck

                       1.1 Ed Fisher

                            1.1.1 Ross McClenahan
                           John Scholfield
                           Doug Jones

                            1.1.2 Patrick carney
                          Brian Porter
                          Randy Gibbs

                       1.2 Chase Smith

                            1.2.1 Eric Horton
                           Jim Maddux
                           greg sadosky

                            1.2.2 david eisenberg
                           patrick cronin
                           David Gorrill

                       1.3 Aaron Stein

                            1.3.1 Chris Edgar
                           Mark Levine
                           Stuart Ferguson

                            1.3.2 James Ray
                          Jason Margulis
                          Yoshihiro Inoue

              2 Robert Jacobson

                       2.1 Charlie Smith

                            2.1.1 Chris Howell
                           Omata Toshihiko
                           Jai Sanders

                            2.1.2 Wiley Morris
                           Ian Shuman
                           tom bloch

                       2.2 Mark Aly

                           2.2.1 Ken Jasko
                          Tom Roberts
                          Tom Elchik

                           2.2.2 Craig Taraszki
                          Patrick O'Sullivan
                          mike ahern

                       2.3 John Johnston

                            2.3.1 Scott Ebright
                           Todd Seager
                           Peter Kuhn

                            2.3.2 will webb
                           Chris Brown
                           Ed Orman