Tape Tree Round 6 
CDR Structure
ALL QUESTIONS TO tapetree@philzone.com
Round 6: April 10, 2000  Phil & Friends, Orpheum (click for setlist)
(Source info: Neumann KM140 on balcony rail-->
Sonosax M2-->Apogee AD-500e-->DAT@44.1k)

BIG thanks to Tim K. and David for the DATs!!

Welcome to the Round 6 CDR Structure! 

We've combined the structures for audio and shorten CDR users into 1 tree.  Its not too complicated to follow, people who requested Shorten format CDRs are in grey, folks who requested audio are in blue

As mentioned on the original sign up page, Shorten branches will also be spinning audio discs, so audio leaves, please double-check where you are in the structure, your parent may be a Shorten person, but they will spin audio for you.  Thanks to all the Shorten branches for your flexibility, we appreciate it a lot! 

The show requires 2 Shorten CDRs, or 3 Audio CDRs, setlist and band info can be found here

We have also worked up some cover art, and stick-on CD labels.  The cover sleeves were designed for 1 slimline CD case, but feel free to adapt them as necessary: 

Front cover
Back cover, text layout #1
Back cover, text layout #2
Neato-format stick on labels: disc 1, disc 2, disc 3
(To download the Neato labels, you may have to use shift-click instead of just clicking them)
For the Neato labels, you need to download and install the Dom Casual font
jpeg format stick-on labels, disc 1, disc 2, disc 3

Finally, please report any problems, i.e. non-responsive branches, to tapetree@philzone.com
We will take whatever corrective actions are necessary to ensure that everyone gets their copy.  But please, before contacting us, please give your parent time to respond, people have lives outside of tape trees, and sometimes circumstances unforeseen can get in the way.  Branches, please make an effort to keep your leaves in the loop if you will be slowed down for any reason. 

The structure:

Root - Paul Lucente      plucente@bellatlantic.net - audio and shorten 

                1 Chris Mescia      cmescia@home.com

                          1.1 Trey Howland      trey@etree.org
                               1.1.1 Tim OConnell      mtmoc@home.com
                               1.1.2 Brad Poulin      mapabear4@juno.com
                               1.1.3 Spencer Jones      spencerjones@students.wisc.edu
                               1.1.4 Brad Welton      Bwelton@pacbell.net

                          1.2 Brian Purvis      frankcarson@mindspring.com
                               1.2.1 Shawn Michaud      MICH62123@aol.com
                               1.2.2 Brian Badger      brbadg@aol.com
                               1.2.3 Brian Cook      bjpcook@hotmail.com
                               1.2.4 Jeff Sucoff      jsucoff@netapp.com
                               1.2.5 Bill Patten      Birdsong1@aol.com

                          1.3 Adam Campbell      peachhead8@yahoo.com
                               1.3.1 George Oakley      GEO321@aol.com
                               1.3.2 Robert Sikora      BigBob51@webtv.net
                               1.3.3 Herschell Stunkard      Jebus-2000@webtv.net 
                               1.3.4 Mark Rizzo      peakbagger@worldnet.att.net
                               1.3.5 Michael Johnston      mjpebbs@aol.com
                               1.3.6 Alexander Shapiro      ashapico@yahoo.com

                          1.4 Adam Zaebst      AdamAngie@worldnet.att.net
                               1.4.1 Alicia Edwards      aliciae@mindspring.com
                               1.4.2 Andrew Rossetti      ajrose@aol.com
                               1.4.3 Alex Leary      aleary@valley.net
                               1.4.4 John Anderson      jwa@twincities.infi.net
                               1.4.5 Scott Zacks      scozac@earthlink.net

                2 Eric Noon      enoon@home.com

                          2.1 Randall Mikkelsen      RMikkelsen@aol.com
                               2.1.1 David Raub      Playinjam@aol.com
                               2.1.2 Andrew Pierce      apierce@bucknell.edu
                               2.1.3 Andy Summa      Rippledfingers@webtv.net
                               2.1.4 B. Gregory      bgregory@mindless.com 
                               2.1.5 Tim Bento      Crows103@aol.com

                          2.2 Chad Omtvedt      chadomtvedt@hotmail.com
                               2.2.1 David Drucker      ddrucker@stny.rr.com
                               2.2.2 Billy Stoltz      bstoltz@summitschool.com
                               2.2.3 Bob DeYoung      am_dew@primenet.com
                               2.2.4 Brent Dockter      drbrent@excite.com

                          2.3 Frank Bove      fbove@kent.edu
                               2.3.1 Jim Haston      jimhaston@cs.com 
                               2.3.2 Brett Calhoun      bcalhoun@uu.net
                               2.3.3 Brett Leland      bleland@stellarmed.com
                               2.3.4 Brian Ribeiro      ribeirbc@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu
                               2.3.5 Brian Caragher      bcaragher@ssilver.com

                          2.4 Chris Reineke      gd1groove@aol.com
                               2.4.1 Andrew Clarke      jdclarke@dellnet.com
                               2.4.2 Brian J. Ferdman       Groovy1967@yahoo.com
                               2.4.3 Chris Hobbs      chobbs@excite.com
                               2.4.4 Chris Henry      henster@eurekanet.com
                               2.4.5 Franklin Jones      cathcurtis@worldnet.att.net

                          2.5 Greg Sullivan      gsully@spronkwater.com
                               2.5.1 Rob mcGill      phishymoeron@hotmail.com
                               2.5.2 Christopher Eddy      CEddy10165@aol.com 
                               2.5.3 Bruce Warren      zymscribe@aol.com
                               2.5.4 Chris Black      chris_melas@hotmail.com
                               2.5.5 Dan Patnoad      nicu34@hotmail.com
                               2.5.6 Chris Ulep      lostfrog@well.com

                3 Scott McPherrin      hippies@frontiernet.net

                          3.1 Bill Darling      bill@deadfreaksunite.net
                               3.1.1 Frank Fumai      ziggy160@aol.com
                               3.1.2 Dean Cherchiglia      dcherchiglia@yahoo.com
                               3.1.3 Chris Meyer      ctll032@notes.up.com
                               3.1.4 Curtis Ensler      censler@ou.edu
                               3.1.5 Steve Matson      DAB753@aol.com

                          3.2 John Morton      jmorton1@erols.com
                               3.2.1 John Fitz      jfitz@hcisystems.com
                               3.2.3 Dave Berger      daberger@aol.com
                               3.2.3 Chris Keiner      chriskeiner@yahoo.com
                               3.2.4 Daniel Spurling      dspurlin@helper.com

                          3.3 Joe Rizzo      jrstutz@aol.com
                               3.3.1 Kevin kaye      kkaye@datek.com
                               3.3.2 dave kelly      sweetbac@pacbell.net
                               3.3.3 Chris Cwynar      cjcwynr@mta.ca
                               3.3.4 Ed Gryniuk      eddiegeee@hotmail.com

                          3.4 Tom O'Neill      tman_13@hotmail.com
                               3.4.1 Ed Nosal      MTNJAM@worldnet.att.net
                               3.4.2 Ethan D. Siegel      esiegel@baintonlaw.com
                               3.4.3 Gary Pulitzer      GPul@aol.com
                               3.4.4 brian schick       greeny_1@webtv.net
                               3.4.5 Greg Wolff      gwolff@midwest.net 
                               3.4.6 Tim Saxton      tcsaxton@earthlink.net

                4 Tim Paulman      tpaulman@twcny.rr.com

                          4.1 Marc Moody      marc@matwreck.org
                               4.1.1 Jon Murphy      murphyj@staff.abanet.org
                               4.1.2 Tom Parks      tparks@esprit.com
                               4.1.3 Victor Gaskins      VGGaskins@aol.com
                               4.1.4 Steve Wolf      Weve43@aol.com

                          4.2 Mark Handelin       mhandelin@yahoo.com
                               4.2.1 Marshall Mickelson      mickelsonm@msn.com
                               4.2.2 Steven Laird      slaird@ix.netcom.com
                               4.2.3 Stu Snodgrass      snod@bellatlantic.net
                               4.2.4 Jim Ambs      jimerado@msn.com

                          4.3 Paul Chang      scitree@yahoo.com
                               4.3.1 Geoff Tolge      gjt@usaor.net
                               4.3.2 Johnny Williams      nerfboy@yahoo.com
                               4.3.3 Justin Minadeo      jminadeo@pirnie.com 
                               4.3.4 John Boland      john_boland@idx.com
                               4.3.5 Michael McMullan       mikemcm@morgenwalke.com

                          4.4 Robert Fischer      rjf@bellatlantic.net
                               4.4.1 Jeff Patras       jmpatras@yahoo.com
                               4.4.2 Stuart Ferguson      stuart_ferguson@hms.harvard.edu
                               4.4.3 John Bytell      smatagee@flashcom.net
                               4.4.4 Mike Labinski      mlabinski@ers.state.tx.us
                               4.4.5 Mark Cacciapuoti       jgb95@mediaone.net
                               4.4.6 Mike Schuster      schuster@rh.edu

                5 Todd Dutton      todd.dutton@compaq.com

                          5.1 Bob Hundertmark      rockit34@aol.com 
                               5.1.1 mark grason      planetkram@aol.com
                               5.1.2 Tony Keffer      newmusic@cvzoom.net
                               5.1.3 Jonah Stein      Phish8585@aol.com
                               5.1.4 Rich Holborow      obcopy@home.com
                               5.1.5 Josh Ferrell      joshamy01@prodigy.net

                          5.2 Rusty Kennedy      rusindy@home.com
                               5.2.1 Ted Bridenstine      theob@winternet.com
                               5.2.2 Jake Lofton      mshalfstep@hotmail.com
                               5.2.3 Keon Ioannou      keon@top.monad.net
                               5.2.4 Matt Chase      ChiliChase@aol.com

                          5.3 Robert O'Brien      r-o@nwu.edu
                               5.3.1 Ed Cerninka      Thrdset@aol.com 
                               5.3.2 Robert Wieser      wieser@ix.netcom.com
                               5.3.3 John E. Yurina      jyurina@iname.com
                               5.3.4 Stephen Shankman      sshankma@lehman.com
                               5.3.5 Chris Heintz      gheintz@brownco.com

                          5.4 Steven Klein      shklein911@netscape.net
                               5.4.1 Tim Dwenger      tdwenger@grafixinc.com
                               5.4.2 Kevin Farrell      kevin.farrell@ritz.edu
                               5.4.3 terry keith      ttk420@yahoo.com
                               5.4.4 Kevin Zimka      kevin.zimka@ca.pwcglobal.com
                               5.4.5 Steve Mann      s.mann@tcu.edu

                6 Vince D'Onofrio      art@donofrio.com

                          6.1 Jeff Travitz      travitz@op.net
                               6.1.1 Jeff Potts      jpotts@execpc.com
                               6.1.2 Matt Hamm      newspeedway@yahoo.com
                               6.1.3 Jon Rohman      JackStraw1@webtv.net
                              6.1.4 Tom Hankins      wthankin@iupui.edu

                          6.2 Todd E. Campbell      sugareetc@hotmail.com
                               6.2.1 Jeff Rinehart      jcr@starfishnet.com
                               6.2.2 Dave Jackson      somanyroads1@home.com
                               6.2.3 Michael McEachern      paladin@zebra.net
                               6.2.4 Peter Kolesari      pedrok@hotmail.com

                          6.3 Brian H. Reck      breck001@norfolk.server1.odu.edu
                               6.3.1 Mark Melheim      markjulie1@hotmail.com
                               6.3.2 Richard Graboyes      graboyes@aol.com
                               6.3.3 Kevin Umberger      kevinumberger@juno.com
                               6.3.4 Steve Arnold      sarnold@webmart.net
                               6.3.5 Mitchell Starer      mstarer642@aol.com

                          6.4 Darren Larey      jakaroe@hotmail.com
                               6.4.1 Anthony Auston      klairvoyance@yahoo.com
                               6.4.2 Mark Lahti      marklahti@aol.com 
                               6.4.3 Hal Cohen      jmnewcomb@earthlink.net
                               6.4.4 Jesse Reynolds      reynolds@nature.berkeley.edu 

                7 Ned struzziero      ralph.struzziero@washcoll.edu

                          7.1 Steven Fabing      sfabing@hotmail.com
                               7.1.1 Ed Farren      efarren@hunton.com
                               7.1.2 Chris DiGirolamo      Drumhead30@aol.com
                               7.1.3 Matthew Cinege      throwingstones@webtv.net
                               7.1.4 Sean Canny       seancanny@aol.com

                          7.2 Greg LaFord      GLAFORD@email.msn.com
                               7.2.1 Mike Thomas      Prktornado@aol.com
                               7.2.2 barry lewin      blewin@keyed.com
                               7.2.3 Paul Goldberg      pgoldberg@altavista.net
                               7.2.4 Peter DelGado      pdelgado@cinci.rr.com

                          7.3 Phil Garfinkel      pgarf@hevanet.com
                               7.3.1 Bret Williams      darkstar@inorbit.com
                               7.3.2 Erik Lallucci      el50@msn.com
                               7.3.3 Michael Metzger      gratefulmike@email.msn.com
                               7.3.4 Jeremy Jones       TJones1993@aol.com

                          7.4 Jeff Payant      jefdan@hotmail.com
                               7.4.1 Mike Pauley      Miketerrapin@AOL.com
                               7.4.2 David Pfeiffer      Rubydoo283@cs.com
                               7.4.3 Ricky Brainin      rbrainin@aol.com
                               7.4.4 Zack St.Ivany      zackst@hotmail.com

                          7.5 Dave Vesel      deadhead@now-online.com
                               7.5.1 Chris Mack      PlayinReprise@aol.com
                               7.5.2 Scott Murray      smurray@erols.com
                               7.5.3 Brian Mich      b.mich@worldnet.att.net
                               7.5.4 Jason Engleson      birdsong@mindex.com

                8 Adam Hechler      adamhe@rh.edu

                          8.1 Stephen Godek      sgodek@osophs.dhhs.gov
                               8.1.1 Jim Wilson      thrtyrs@erols.com
                               8.1.2 Ken Ruggaber      kr2h@virginia.edu
                               8.1.3 Paul Ceisel      pceisel@shrike.depaul.edu
                               8.1.4 Sandra Grabosky      Lumenasan@aol.com

                          8.2 Mark Logan      malogan@home.com
                               8.2.1 Matt Jacobson      MJacobson476@yahoo.com
                               8.2.2 P G Torrez      phillip.torrez@ucop.edu
                               8.2.3 Steve Meirs      SleepyGatr@aol.com
                               8.2.4 Chris Kaminski      kaminskc@worldnet.att.net
                               8.2.5 Brad Beneky      perfunct@aol.com

                          8.3 Dave Linn      dlinn1@san.rr.com
                               8.3.1 Bill Degen      Slewfoot2@aol.com
                               8.3.2 Jack Schlottman      sito@midcoast.com
                              8.3.3 Brian Beard      Jbeard3691@aol.com
                               8.3.4 Ben Harris      ben300000@aol.com

                          8.4 Jim Thorpe      jtpt@mediaone.net
                               8.4.1 Joe Olin       joeo236@aol.com
                               8.4.2 Jack Bolding      jbolding@optonline.net
                               8.4.3 Richard E. Skaggs Jr.      skaggsre@hotmail.com
                               8.4.4 Neil Ruttenberg      rberg51@aol.com

                          8.5 Dave Luzenske     daviswavis@hotmail.com
                               8.5.1 Brian Morris      bmorris1@us.rhodia.com
                               8.5.2 Louis Mart      louis.nanci@erols.com
                               8.5.3 John Cadwell      jcadwell@erols.com
                               8.5.4 Gavin Carruthers      gavin@sedona.net

                6 Julian Fowler      julian@annie-bell.freeserve.co.uk

                          6.1 Eric Schoneveld      cdr@schoneveld.com
                               6.1.1 Basz Bouwer      b.bouwer@dsv.rotterdam.nl
                               6.1.2 Jan-Niclas Petzold      jpetzold420@hotmail.com

                          6.2 Konstantin Markoff      kon-ma@online.no
                               6.2.1 Andy Dobbin      andrew.dobbin@nb.se
                               6.2.2 Jesper Gammelgaard      gammeltjald01@yahoo.com

                          6.3 Torsten Otte      OttiHead@aol.com
                               6.3.1 Martin Bloomfield      martin@bloomf.demon.co.uk