Tape Tree Round 7
DAT Structure
Round 7: April 13, Tower Theatre, PA (click for setlist)
       April 22,  with Branford, Beacon Theatre, NYC (click for setlist)
Source info: B&K 4011s--> Lunatec V2-->Apogee AD-1000-->DAT@48k

BIG thanks to Ron D!!

Welcome to the Round 7 DAT Structure! 

The show requires 2 90 meter or 4 60 meter tapes.  Please communicate your preference (if you have one) to your parent.

As always, please report any problems, i.e. non-responsive branches, to Tree Admin

We will take whatever corrective actions are necessary to ensure that everyone gets their copy.  But please, before contacting us, please give your parent time to respond, people have lives outside of tape trees, and sometimes circumstances unforeseen can get in the way.  Branches, please make an effort to keep your leaves in the loop if you will be slowed down for any reason. 

The Structure: 

1 Scott McPherrin      hippies@frontiernet.net

                    1.1 James Barash      JamesB4273@aol.com
                         1.1.1 John Cotter      johnpc@landmarknet.net
                         Ron Rodenbaugh      cdtorture@a0l.com
                         David Gorrill      dgorrill@massed.net
                         Ed Fisher      gr8fled@hotmail.com

                         1.1.2 Allen Furbeck      AF111@aol.com 
                        ED ORMAN      EDORMAN@AOL.COM
                        Ted Whittemore      ewhittem@mcrp.com
                        Jay Brunt      JKBRUNT@aol.com

                    1.2 matt leonetti      reeljive@email.msn.com

                         1.2.1 Peter Toluzzi      petert23@uswest.net
                       Steven Driscoll      RIPJJG@aol.com
                       Chris Howell      chrish@hoguesf.com
                       Danny McCarthy      mccar24@hotmail.com

                        1.2.2 Charlie Smith      csmith@geoit.com
                       Derek Inzeo      Animalberkeley@yahoo.com
                       Geoff Beltzhoover      GBeltz@aol.com
                       Andy Gimigliano      andy@mulezone.com

                    1.3 Sean Foster      foster420@mail.jps.net
                         1.3.1 yoshihiro inoue      yoshi-i@pb.highway.ne.jp

2 Paul Lucente      plucente@bellatlantic.net

                   2.1 Todd Hardison      twhardis@hotmail.com

                        2.1.1 Andrew A. Merckel      amerckel@neca.com
                       Doug Jones      harpuawest@aol.com
                       Patrick Cronin      ikoaiko9@aol.com
                       Jai Sanders      jcsiii@bellsouth.net

                        2.1.2 Wiley Morris      WileyMorris@yahoo.com
                       Jason Margulis      jmarg@hotmail.com
                       John Scholfield      john_8888@hotmail.com
                       Brett Litz      Litz_Brett@msn.com

                  2.2 Nigel Mouncey      nigel_j.mouncey@roche.com

                        2.2.1 Scott Ratzmann      sratzmann@yahoo.com
                       brian kesler      lostsalr@aol.com
                       Ryan Burns      mstrpce420@aol.com
                       Reef Wilson      reefwilson@hotmail.com

                        2.2.2 Roger Venezia      roger711@mindspring.com
                       Tom Roberts      zzanut@adelphia.net
                       Scott E. Ebright      scott@travelerstuba.com
                       Stephen J. Pzynski      stejampzy@yahoo.com

                  2.3 Jeff Lester      lester@gandalf.sp.trw.com

                       2.3.1 Stuart Kiang      milhaud@mediaone.net
                      Steve P.      frtower@radiks.net
                      Tom Ryan      tryan2000@mediaone.net
                      John Travis Parsons      jparsons@hsc.vcu.edu

                       2.3.2 Kevin Champney      Kchampney@aol.com
                      Steven Fabing      sfabing@hotmail.com
                      Patrick Carney      carneyp2@asme.org
                      Scott Fraser      Sfraser55@aol.com
                      thomas biederman      beats@cais.net