Tape Tree Round 5 
CDR Structure
ALL QUESTIONS TO tapetree@philzone.com
March 4th Yo Miles! Fillmore, SF (click for setlist & band info)
(Source info: Soundboard->48k DAT master->48k DAT ~3:30)
Big Thanks To Henry Kaiser Who Hooked Us With This!

Welcome to the Yo Miles! CDR Structure! 

We've combined the structures for audio and shorten CDR users into 1 tree.  Its not too complicated to follow, people who requested Shorten format CDRs are in grey, folks who requested audio are in blue

As mentioned on the original sign up page, Shorten branches will also be spinning audio discs, so audio leaves, please double-check where you are in the structure, your parent may be a Shorten person, but they will spin audio for you.  Thanks to all the Shorten branches for your flexibility, we appreciate it a lot! 

There were very few folks from overseas on the tree, so there was no special branch for them. 

The show requires 2 Shorten CDRs, or 3 Audio CDRs, setlist and band info can be found here

We have also worked up some cover art, and stick-on CD labels.  The cover sleeves were designed for 1 slimline CD case, but feel free to adapt them as necessary: 

Front cover
Back cover
Neato-format stick on labels, discs 1 and 2
Neato-format stick on labels, disc 3
(To download the Neato labels, you may have to use shift-click instead of just clicking them) 
For the Neato labels, you need to download and install the ChinaCat font
jpeg format stick-on labels, disc 1, disc 2, disc 3

Finally, please report any problems, i.e. non-responsive branches, to tapetree@philzone.com
We will take whatever corrective actions are necessary to ensure that everyone gets their copy.  But please, before contacting us, please give your parent time to respond, people have lives outside of tape trees, and sometimes circumstances unforeseen can get in the way.  Branches, please make an effort to keep your leaves in the loop if you will be slowed down for any reason. 

Without furthur ado, here's the structure: 

Root - Paul Lucente      plucente@bellatlantic.net - audio and shorten 

            1 Eric Noon      enoon@home.com 

                    1.1 Jeff Baker      cthulhu@netcom.com 
                            1.1.1 Kathy & Greg Dahlstrand      kgall@voicenet.com 
                            1.1.2 Joe Champion      phreaky@ix.netcom.com
                            1.1.3 Brian Caragher      bcaragher@ssilver.com
                            1.1.4 Greg LaFord      GLAFORD@email.msn.com
                            1.1.5 Mark Melheim      markjulie1@hotmail.com

                    1.2 Eric James Williams      williams@pclink.com 
                            1.2.1 mark grason      planetkram@aol.com 
                            1.2.2 Mike Baldwin      mbaldwin@kyrus.com
                            1.2.3 Justin F. Grothe      Carini@hotmail.com
                            1.2.4 Brian H. Reck      breck001@lions.odu.edu
                            1.2.5 Brad Poulin      mapabear4@juno.com

                    1.3 Tim Paulman      tpaulman@twcny.rr.com 
                            1.3.1 Rich      Comras rcom714@home.com 
                            1.3.2 Duane Day      duane.day@ebay.sun.com 
                            1.3.3 Pete Stern      p.stern@ix.netcom.com

                    1.4 Robert Fischer      rjf@bellatlantic.net 
                            1.4.1 Scott Nolter      strmln@ix.netcom.com 
                            1.4.2 Jamie Daloisio      Jamie@railnj.com
                            1.4.3 Ed Kang      ekang21@hotmail.com
                            1.4.4 Aaron Jenks      jenkaa@wwc.edu
                            1.4.5 Dave Hughes      hughesd@att.net

            2 Kent Stewart      bongo@frii.com 

                    2.1 Rob Winkler      forbin8@yahoo.com 
                            2.1.1 Alex Mustille      Alexander.Mustille@kp.org 
                            2.1.2 John Laitar      John.P.Laitar@ucm.com
                            2.1.3 Zack St. Ivany      zackst@hotmail.com
                            2.1.4 Jason Bilicki      jbilicki@cats.ucsc.edu

                    2.2 Doug Moog      dbm3@po.cwru.edu 
                            2.2.1 Larry Cosby      lscosby@hotmail.com 
                            2.2.2 Jim Wilson      thrtyrs@erols.com
                            2.2.3 Richard Pipes      rpipes@wingate.edu
                            2.2.4 Christopher Zanardi      cezanardi@yahoo.com
                            2.2.5 Jeffrey Kushmerek      jrkoosh@gis.net

                    2.3 Robert O'Brien      r-o@nwu.edu
                            2.3.1 Clinton Spaar      cspaar@top.monad.net
                            2.3.2 Will Anderson      wha@princeton.edu
                            2.3.3 Paul Russell      prussell5@home.com
                            2.3.4 Matthew Collins       iftl420@aol.com

                   2.4 Yancy Funk      yancy_funk@ndsu.nodak.edu 
                            2.4.1 Rich Perlman      richard@montclairelectronics.com 
                            2.4.2 Brent Dockter      drbrent@excite.com
                            2.4.3 Frank Nalepka      nalepka@csnet.net

            3 Brendan Murphy      Brendanmurphy1@juno.com

                    3.1 Mike Railey      mrailey@worldnet.att.net
                            3.1.1 scott fernandez      sfdelphinium@excite.com
                            3.1.2 Hal Cohen      jmnewcomb@earthlink.net
                            3.1.3 Ed Cerninka      thrdset@aol.com

                    3.2 Colin Liston      cliston@cs.utk.edu
                            3.2.1 George Dickerson III      Gdicknt@yahoo.com
                            3.2.2 Franklin Jones      cathcurtis@worldnet.att.net
                            3.2.3 Michael Metzger      gratefulmike@email.msn.com
                            3.2.4 Steve Strehler      steven-strehler@webtv.net

                    3.3 Adam Zaebst      AdamAngie@worldnet.att.net
                            3.3.1 Victor Gaskins      VGGaskins@aol.com
                            3.3.2 Scott Eicholtz      Scott.Eicholtz@sms.siemens.com
                            3.3.3 barry lewin      blewin@keyed.com
                            3.3.4 John Colby      GR8TFULJC@AOL.COM

                    3.4 Robert Dempster      karrob@bellatlantic.net
                            3.4.1 Chris Black      chris_melas@hotmail.com
                            3.4.2 Dave Curtis       curtis@ea.pvt.k12.pa.us
                            3.4.3 Ron Ramsey      lonekoyote@aol.com
                            3.4.4 Dylan Heckman      moe_rons@pointonline.net
                            3.4.5 David Yutzey      dwyutzey@uconnvm.uconn.edu

            4 David White      GoHearZero@aol.com

                    4.1 Willy Keats      wkeats@earthlink.net
                            4.1.1 David Pfeiffer      Rubydoo283@cs.com
                            4.1.2 Al Calhoun      allen@surfnetusa.com
                            4.1.3 Scott Murray      smurray@erols.com

                    4.2 Michael Zelner      michaelz@zoka.com
                            4.2.1 Jeff Potts      jpotts@execpc.com
                            4.2.2 Steve Abbitt      steve.abbitt@aasage.com
                            4.2.3 Kevin Umberger      kevinumberger@juno.com

                    4.3 Jim Baadshaug      Jebaad@cs.com
                            4.3.1 Dave Smith      mephitis72@hotmail.com
                            4.3.2 Jackie Bolding      jacstraw@optonline.net
                            4.3.3 Stu Snodgrass       snod@bellatlantic.net
                            4.3.4 Johnny Williams      nerfboy@yahoo.com

                    4.4 Carl Brauer      carl.brauer@rhigroup.com
                            4.4.1 Joe Olin       joeo236@aol.com
                            4.4.2 Brian Ribeiro      ribeirbc@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu
                            4.4.3 John Butler      oregon3@hotmail.com
                            4.4.4 Brett Calhoun      bcalhoun@uu.net

                    4.5 Chris Argue      cvargue@beeb.net
                            4.5.1 Jesper Gammelgaard      gammeltjald01@yahoo.com
                            4.5.2 Pete DelGado     pdelgado@cinci.rr.com