Tape Tree Round 5 
DAT Structure
ALL QUESTIONS TO tapetree@philzone.com
March 4th Yo Miles! Fillmore, SF (click for setlist & band info)
(Source info: Soundboard->48k DAT master->48k DAT ~3:30)

Big Thanks To Henry Kaiser Who Hooked Us With This!

Welcome to the Yo Miles! DAT Structure!

Please note that since there were very few folks from overseas on the tree, there was no special branch for them this round.

The show requires 2 60 meter tapes, setlist and band info can be found here

Please report any problems, i.e. non-responsive branches, to tapetree@philzone.com

We will take whatever corrective actions are necessary to ensure that everyone gets their copy.  But please, before contacting us, please give your parent time to respond, people have lives outside of tape trees, and sometimes circumstances unforeseen can get in the way.  Branches, please make an effort to keep your leaves in the loop if you will be slowed down for any reason.

The Structure:

Root - Paul Lucente      plucente@bellatlantic.net

            1 Richard Plumb      rplumb@cais.com

                        1.1 Allen Furbeck      AF111@aol.com
                                1.1.1 Brian Badger      Brbadg@aol.com

                                1.1.2 Bonnie Harris      BonnieHarris@cch.com

                                1.1.3 Jim Maddux      Duxbrudder@aol.com

                        1.2 Robert Silver      rsilver@gate.net
                                1.2.1 John Kovacs      Deadpatch@aol.com

                                1.2.2 Lisa Krzywda      lbk@lucent.com

                                1.2.3 Ty Chambers      tchambers@pacificmeridian.com

                        1.3 Steven Fabing      sfabing@hotmail.com
                                1.3.1 Erich Hennig      mojo_head@yahoo.com

                                1.3.2 John Christian      jwc02@globalnet.co.uk

                                1.3.3 Nathan Levine      rhumboo@yahoo.com


            2  Leo Samouilidis      seatofmypants@excite.com

                        2.1 Jeff Lester      lester@gandalf.sp.trw.com
                                2.1.1 Todd Hardison      twhardis@hotmail.com

                                2.1.2 Dick Bell      Dbell7@aol.com

                                2.1.3 Rick Lewandowski      rlrs@home.com

                        2.2 Jim Baadshaug      Jim.Baadshaug@am.sony.com
                                2.2.1 Jim Muriceak      jimmuriceak@email.msn.com

                                2.2.2 jason mcclure      hatfieldd@hotmail.com

                                2.2.3 David gorrill      ddgorrill@netscape.net

                        2.3 Kevin Champney      Kchampney@aol.com
                                2.3.1 Ed Fisher      gr8fled@hotmail.com

                                2.3.2 ED ORMAN      EDORMAN@aol.com

                                2.3.3 Jules J. Frank      zorgon7@usurf.com


            3 Mike Witt      mwitt@schilli.com

                        3.1 Steve Glidewell      glide@midsouth.rr.com
                                3.1.1 Paul Thomson      pthomson@skihood.com

                                3.1.2 Walt Tusinski       WFUNKDADDY@aol.com

                                3.1.3 J. Travis Parsons      jparsons@hsc.vcu.edu

                        3.2 Todd Fuller      fullert@mindspring.com
                                3.2.1 Tree Loy      treedawg420@yahoo.com

                                3.2.2 Rich Laird      augustw@email.msn.com

                                3.2.3 Brian porter      brianp@aye.net

                        3.3 Chris Howell      chrish@hoguesf.com
                                3.3.1 Angelo DeSalvo      Ang420@earthlink.net

                                3.3.2 Jeff Werner      jmwerner@bu.edu

                                3.3.3 Sean Foster     foster420@mail.jps.net